From Nathan's blog: sweet relief.. the dresden codex EP

ahh finally all back in chicago. west palm sessions turned some amazing things. i’ve always felt like the best bands/records/music come from some seriously tormented creative atmospheres. when we started in w. palm we hadn’t seen each other in a while and although we were all super excited to get back to the writing process, our personal lives had all undergone some heavy sheit. in other words, over the holidays, all 4 of our respective buttholes had been fingered by the rapist that is life.. so artsy, so perverse, yet… so true. it’s poetry really. hah i’m retarded, somebody get me off this thing. anywhoooo the good news is that it’s all getting sorted now and this Dresden Codex EP (as cliche as this will sound) .. is the best ML yet. I’ve always said that when our music stops moving me, it’s time to wrap it up. perhaps it’s the universe compelling us forward but when I thought we were depleted, we somewhat miserably created our most inspired work to date. and such is life, riddled with highs and lows. you couldn’t appreciate the highs without the lows and remember that as bad as things can get, they will ALWAYS get better. that is a promise. hope you are all well. we’re off to Scotland in a few days, then wrapping up the EP and heading back to UK/Europe in March. hope you are all happy healthy and horny.. i know i am. skeeert