Trilogy Finale Tour

Madina Lake was conceived 7 years ago, when Matthew, Nathan, Dan and Mateo shared a magical night together in Chicago… As their friendship evolved into something cosmic, a risky decision was made to abandoned their respective musical situations, to form one. A band that could fulfill each members’ vision for their ideal career. The visions matched up, the chemistry was undeniable and we formed Madina Lake. That night we agreed to embark on a journey of realizing an idea that would materialize over three records before we revealed the statement behind it. This tour is the culmination of a 7 year endeavor to get here.
For this tour, we will be performing “From Them, Through Us, To You,” from start to finish.
after that, we will do another set of songs from the rest of out body of work.
We will have available, hard copies of the book that has corresponded with each record, including the finale, and an epilogue explaining the symbology and meaning behind all the clues we’ve left in records, artwork, shows etc..
Mateo will be back with us playing guitar, and of course we will have all the Madina tricks up our sleeves as well.
This is for the River People….
Thank you for existing.

Nov. 26 Reading
Nov 27 Manchester
Nov 28 Sheffield
Nov 29 Glascow
Nov 30 Birmingham
Dec 1 Cardiff
Dec 2 London

tickets on sale wednesday, august 1..and way more info coming soon…

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