• Missed the Ustream chat yesterday?

  • For being loyal Madina Lake fans…

    Hey since this has been so fun, we are going to give you guys a discount code for 20% off your order from the webstore. Use the code “MLNEWYEAR” at checkout to get 20% off!

    UK fans can also get 20% by going here!

  • west palm sessions chat

    we’re arriving in west palm beach to write. we have no idea what to expect but we want you to be a part of it.
    we’ll be chatting tomorrow, wed january 13 at 2pm EST on www.ustream.tv under username “madinalakeband”

  • From Nathan's Blog: new ML EP!

    last night i pissed on my kitchen floor and puked in the sink. it’s a long story and i’d hate to bore you with it so instead i’ll just tell you that we’re on our way to west palm beach florida to begin recording an EP! so excited.. we’re staying at a house on the beach and plan to write and record as much as possible until they make us tour again. which reminds me.. UK dates have been released! Europe will be added to the back of that tour and those dates will go up soon. I think we’re bringing Innerpartysystem .. not positive yet but I think so. they rule. Anyhow, we’re planning to release an EP of some of the new songs to bridge the gap between Attics and the next LP. we’ve got the whole thing mapped out and just need to confirm the release dates. new stuff sounds a bit more like FTTUTY.. we went into the ATTICS sessions wanting a polished sounding record but this time around we’re looking to go more raw, nipple twisting rock. i don’t know what that means but it sounds fun. In the meantime we’ll be posting a ton of videos on our kyte player of us partying on the beach, making douchers of ourselves and yeah probably some of the writing/recording process. UK kids – we’re planning a killer show so get your tickets ! US kids- we’ll be back in late April. European kids- we’ll be there after the UK in April. Japanese kids- we had a blast with you in december, be back ASAP! Australian kids- you rule, we’re desperate to come back and see you guys. South American kids- we’re workin on it, I swear. Chinese kids – ummmmm hi ?

  • UK Dates

    Hey everyone,

    Were coming back to the UK in March and April! The first set of dates are below and we’ll be adding more shows shortly. Get your tickets asap because these shows will sell out! -ML

    Thur 25 Mar 2010 UK Oxford Academy tickets
    Fri 26 Mar 2010          UK      Yeovil             Westlands tickets
    Sat 27 Mar 2010         UK      Nottingham     Rock City tickets
    Sun 28 Mar 2010        UK      Norwich          Waterfront tickets
    Mon 29 Mar 2010       UK      Birmingham    Academy 2  tickets
    Tue 30 Mar 2010         UK      Manchester      Academy 2 tickets
    Thu 01 Apr 2010         UK      Glasgow          Garage tickets
    Fri 02 Apr 2010          UK      Middlesbrough     Empire tickets
    Sat 03 Apr 2010          UK      Leeds Cockpit tickets
    Sun 04 Apr 2010         UK      Sheffield         The Corporation tickets
    Tue 06 Apr 2010         UK      Portsmouth      Wedgewood Rooms tickets
    Wed 07 Apr 2010       UK      Cardiff            Millenium Music Hall tickets
    Thu 08 Apr 2010         UK      London           The Forum tickets

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    When the guys were in the UK, Dan chatted to TATTOO TV about their tour, Attics To Eden and then, more importantly, about the tattoos he has and the stories behind them.

    CLICK HERE to check out the video interview!!.

  • Join Madina Lake in support of the Music for Relief / Habitat for Humanity Green Home!

    Music for Relief and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) are building an environmentally friendly, energy efficient home in partnership with a deserving family in need. We are proud to support this program and if you are able to, we encourage you to help build the MFR Green Home. Click here [https://fundraising.intelis.com/hfhgla/Donations/CampaignDetail.jsp?CI=cc0d0bb8121c1deee52100134c116883] to make a donation to help us build this home! Then leave a message on the blog and pass the link on to a friend.

    If everyone who sees this message donates just $5 we can build multiple homes for deserving families who need a safe and decent place to live.

  • Get Metro tickets for half price

    Enter the promo code “attics” when you checkout and get tickets for only $7!


    So the 3rd single from ATTICS TO EDEN is now available in the UK! Click on the iTunes button below to pick up ‘Welcome To Oblivion’!!

    Madina Lake - Welcome to Oblivion (Intro Edit) - Single

    T’is also available from all other usual digital outlets.

    And if you head to the Roadrunner UK Website you will see that the latest in their ‘Getting To Know You’ series is with none other than Nathan! CLICK HERE to check it out…